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Kouts Fire Asst. Chief

Don Sutter

Kouts Fire Asst. Chief 702

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Kouts Fire Podcast
Kouts Fire Podcast
Kouts Fire Assistant Chief Don Sutter 702

Asst. Chief Sutter Joined Kouts Fire in 1975 with previous service on Cass Clinton (Wanatah) 1974 till 1975. He grew up in Kouts graduating in 1970.

He is retired from Porter County Highway

What do you like most about serving on Kouts Fire?

“I really enjoy the people you meet in the fire service. It feels like you have a extended family.”

What does Kouts Fire mean to you, your family, your community?

“I like trying to help someone on their worst day, it might be as small as being a familiar face. “

When not working your full time job. How do you like to spend your time?

“I am retired now but really enjoy farming.”

Why did you join Kouts Fire?

“Wanted to get involved in community and was interested in the fire trucks.”


First and Second class Firefighter