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Kouts Fire Lieutenant

Lane Rodrick

Kouts Fire Lieutenant 706 

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Kouts Fire Podcast
Kouts Fire Podcast
Interview With Lieutenant Lane Rodrick 706

Lieutenant Lane Rodrick graduated from Kouts high school in 2015. He attended the Fire Academy while in high school finishing academy in 2014. He joined Kouts Fire in 2014.

Lieutenant Rodrick is a Union Operator from Local 150.

When asked if anyone in his family was a firefighter Lane answered:

“Dad, 24 years, Captain

What do you like most about serving on Kouts Fire?

“The people and giving back to the community “

What does Kouts Fire mean to you, your family, your community?

“Kouts Fire is a family”

When not working your full time job. How do you like to spend your time?

“If I’m not working I’m either home relaxing or at the fire department”

Why did you join Kouts Fire?

“I joined Kouts Fire because of my Dad. Growing up he would always bring me around the department and I just fell in love with the place and what the organization stands for.”


  • Fire Officer Strategy and Tactics
  • Mandatory Firefighter 1 & 2
  • Tech Rescue awareness
  • Hazmat Awareness & Operations
  • POST