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Kouts Fire Captain

Mike Luczak

Kouts Fire Captain 705

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Kouts Fire Podcast
Kouts Fire Podcast
Captain Mike Luczak 705

Captain Mike Luczak graduated from Kouts High School in 2010. Attended the fire academy in 2009 his Senior year of High School.

Was a member of other departments serving as Firefighter-EMT: 

  • Kouts Fire 2008-2009 
  • Morgan Twp Fire 2009-2013
  • South Haven Fire Department 2011-2013

Then returning to Kouts in 2013

Captain Luczak is a steelworker at Cleveland Cliffs.


What do you like most about serving on Kouts Fire?

“Kouts Fire is a big family. we have every Dynamic of people. These guys at a moments notice will drop what they’re doing if you need them personally or professionally. KFD is really a home for everybody. We have a round table made by the Fireman at KFD at that table can solve the world’s problems. That tables stood witness to 100’s of hours of problem solving, training, small talk and arguing. it’s amazing what has been accomplished there. Kfd again is a FAMILY we eat together we win together and sometimes lose together but we’re always together. “

What does Kouts Fire mean to you, your family, your community?

“KFD means everything to me and my family. Those guys have helped me through some of the worst times and celebrated with me through the best times. Weddings, Our kids birthdays, holidays and Get togethers. we are always there for each others family. Our community is who we do this for they’re the back bone of our success at KFD. I’m honored to be apart of my little town. Thanks Kouts! “

When not working your full time job. How do you like to spend your time?

“Hanging out with my family and friends. playing with my son. messing around in the garage.”

Why did you join Kouts Fire?

“Friends who are also current members “


  • Basic Firefighter
  • Mandatory Firefighter I Fire officer strategy and tactics
  • Firefighter I
  • Firefighter II
  • HAZMAT First Responder Awareness
  • HAZMET First Responder Operations
  • Technical Rescue Awareness
  • Multiple LMS Course’s