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Kouts Fire Captain

Kevin Salyer

Kouts Fire Captain 704

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Kouts Fire Podcast
Kouts Fire Podcast
Interview With Captain Kevin Salyer 704

Captain Kevin Salyer joined the Kouts Fire Department in 2001. He attended the fire academy and in 2003.

Captain Salyer works for Timber Tech Engineering as a Project Manager.

When asked if anyone in his family was a firefighter he answered:

“My dad Harold Salyer retired as Assistant Fire Chief with Kouts Fire in 2014 after 35 years with Kouts. I spent lots of time at the fire station as a child growing up since my dad was on the department the whole time I was growing up.

What do you like most about serving on Kouts Fire?

“I enjoy trying to help others on what might be their worst day. I enjoy the camaraderie our department has and the 2nd family feeling you get from being a part of this amazing team. “

What does Kouts Fire mean to you, your family, your community?

“Kouts Fire is a second family to me, an extended family to my family, and the heart of the community of Kouts.”

When not working your full time job. How do you like to spend your time?

“Enjoying my kids, building deck on the side, enjoying construction projects..”

Why did you join Kouts Fire?

“I joined the KFD to help those in their time of need.”


Basic, Mandatory, Firefighter 1&2, aerial operator, hazmat awareness, tech rescue awareness, Fire Officer Strategy and Tactics